How to come to Iskenderun


Your first choice for final destionation should be Hatay Airport which is about 40 km far to Iskenderun. There are HAVAS buses in front of Exit for each flight. And the coast is 20 TL (3.5 Euro). Also, there are Shared Taxi at the same place, and it is also 20 TL. (3.5 Euro). You will be dropped in the City center or on any places of Iskenderun direction.


 Another choice is Adana Airport

 From Adana to ─░skenderun is about 130 km. you can take a taxi from airport to Adana Bus Station (about 30 TL, 5 Euro) and take a domestic Bus to Iskenderun that can take about 2 hours (30 TL, 5 Euro). The common Bus Firms for Iskenderun are HAS, GUNSAS, JET, AKDENIZ, OZTUR, NUR, ext.