We welcome contributions for oral or poster presentations on the topic of Serranidae. 

Early submitted abstracts before the deadlines will be evaluated by scientific committee and authors will be notified for the decision within 3 weeks. 

Potential contributors should submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation by

11 September 2016 following the template shown at Guide for Authors. The Scientific Commity will review all abstracts for relevance to the symposium and scientific merit before compiling the programme.

19 September 2016 – Notification of Acceptance or rejection of submitted Abstacts.


25 September 2016 – Deadline for manuscript submission. 

28 September 2016  Deadline for submission of final revised manuscripts for publication.

*** Bu çalıştay akademik teşvik başvurusu için, uluslararası sempozyum şartlarını sağlamaktadır.